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Re: Epson 1270 chip/guarantee

"Editor - P.O.V. Image Service" wrote:

> Robert Snow wrote:
> > And when I got my photo back from Liz I couldn't believe how damn ugly
> > it had turned.
> Hmmm...
> Is it possible that this is all a result of the Hollywood set summering in the
> Hamptons?
> Maybe they are bringing the ozone in with them from LA?
> Seriously though,
> One would think with the offshore breezes and with her being on Long Island,
> that an ozone buildup would be unlikely..  Unless it is some peculiarity of her
> workspace having those extreme O3 levels..

And before anyone starts asking what basis I have for making observations on
Atmospherics and weather conditions.. I served for five years as a US Air Force

Ok Ian?


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