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RE: Extrem gamut ink/1200 printer

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Jerry, you print in b/w. I suspect that Troy prints color photos, as I do
... you need all the gamut you can get and then some.


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Troy, why on earth won't the public buy generation inks prints? I sell
them all the time. The gamut is about 95 percent of epsons, in fact you
couldn't tell the difference unless you had the prints side by side.


Troy wrote:
> Hi:
> With all this talk about the fading of 1270 prints, I'm very seriously
> thinking of buying another 1200 (I sold my first for the 1270) and using
> extreme gamut inks with the glossy or satin stock advertised. I sell
> to the public, and the low gamut, MIS or Generations pigment inks just
> do--I can't sell them! I have not seen the output from the x-gamut inks,
> I'm looking for opinions from anyone that has a 1200, and who has tried
> inks. Are they as good as claimed? How about the satin paper, is this
> similar to a matte photo paper or what? Any comments appreciated!

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