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Re: Next fat book Adobe PS6, The Lawsuit

>> Ohh I *like* that!  But I was hoping for Photoshop Kama Sutra 6.0.  Probably
>> Dan M is writing that one--
>> Dan Culbertson
> I was thinking Dan M might stretch into "Photoshop by Numerology."  My bid
> is "Photoshop for Rosicrucians."
> I had thought you might do the Kama Sutra version, Dan. I seem to remember
> something about your being married to your printer a couple years ago. ;-)
> Joel Wilcox

Oh yeah -- long memories here!  That was when ole CampfireDan was accused of
being a sexist pig for saying his printer was more fun than a spouse (and
cost less too).  I'll never make that mistake again.  (oh-oh, I think I just

Dan Culbertson

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