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RE: New "Smart" Cartridges-Some thoughts

<x-flowed>Makes sense to me, and is what I drew out of your first post plus 
what was posted on the web (via J Arthur Davis). Two tiered market, 
with commensurate printer pricing. One web article seemed to dwell on 
the prospect of chip cartridges across the line, and pondered the 
response by the ink vendors to that move. The professional market 
should have all degrees of freedom and superior performance, and - 
from my experience - they are willing to pay for it.

>I guess I should throw my $.02 in here, since I started the original thread.
>The impression I got as Seybold was that Epson is creating two lines of
>printers--a consumer line and a commercial line.  The consumer line (1270,
>etc.) consists of low volume, inexpensive printers so that Joe Home User can
>print out his digital photographs he took at some birthday party.  These are
>the printers that will have the "smart" carts, are designed to compete with
>the HPs, Cannons, and Alps.  These printers will be the $400 and under
>Their other line (3000, 5000, 8000, etc.) is high volume production
>equipment that will have large ink tanks, a better fill system, more rugged
>construction, better paper handling, etc.  These printers are intended to
>compete with the Encads, Rolands, Colormasters, etc.  These printers will be
>the over $2000 units.  I doubt that these printers will have "smart" carts.
>Encad ain't gonna lock their users into high-priced inks.
>These are two different markets, and frankly, it makes sense for Epson to do
>this.  By segmenting the market in this manner, Epson can build printers
>that can compete well in each market, without sacrificing profits.
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