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RE: New "Smart" Cartridges-Some thoughts

I disagree with this. I'm an average home user, and it does bug me that 
these new printers will have "smart chip" cartridges.  I see little use in 
this added expense, I don't take it out when its done and stick it back in 
to try to squeeze out a little bit more ink.  But I do like the ability to 
buy 3rd party cartridges, and if they make the new printers work with 
"smart chip" cartridges it might destroy the 3rd party market.  Then I can 
only imagine how much higher the price of epson cartridges will be after 
the competition is gone.

At 09:29 AM 2/25/2000 , you wrote:
>I guess I should throw my $.02 in here, since I started the original thread.
>The impression I got as Seybold was that Epson is creating two lines of
>printers--a consumer line and a commercial line.  The consumer line (1270,
>etc.) consists of low volume, inexpensive printers so that Joe Home User can
>print out his digital photographs he took at some birthday party.  These are
>the printers that will have the "smart" carts, are designed to compete with
>the HPs

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