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Re: Non-Archival Bulk inks

At 07:54 PM 2/23/00 -0800, Bill Pitcher wrote:

>I really like Royal Plush (Royal Plush, Luminos Classic Velour and Lyson
>Standard Fine Art
>Paper are all the same paper manufactured by a mill in Germany called
>Hahnemuhle.)  This is a combination that, I think, really works on a 1200.
>And again, I'll join Jerry in singing the praises or G2's "beta black".  I
>DO NOT use pigmented inks on glossy paper - it just doesn't work for me.

Nearing the end of my first full cartridge of Generations
(non-beta-black) I have to agree with Bill on this 
assessment of Generations ink on glossy papers.

A while back someone else remarked about surface "scum"
with Generations ink and I now understand what he/she 
was talking about.  It's subtle, but it's very real.
And it somewhat negates the main reason for using 
glossy papers in the first place.  Not an issue with 
matte or watercolor papers -- I've seen some really 
nice work on matte stock with Generations inks.

rafe b.

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