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Re: Non-Archival Bulk inks


Your post makes entirely *too* much sense to me! ;-)

> I'm also using a 1200 and because there is virtually no ink in the
> and because Generations ink is "compatible" with OEM ink, I regularly
> back and forth between pigmented and dye based inks.  I save up my
> non-archival printing until I have enough, put in the dye-based ink,
and go
> at it.  If there is still ink at the end of the run, I use it up on
> cards, or on a sheet of business cards, etc.

How much of a transition is there? I've heard everything from 5 sheets
per color or more! Do you run a series of color blocks or anything?

> The main problem with photographs and pigmented ink is with printing
> glossy papers, but you CAN make stunningly beautiful photographic
prints on
> the right paper.

What paper do you suggest? (I DO want to make stunningly beautiful
photographic prints too!)

> So in the meantime, I'm more or less in the same boat as you.  I'm
> bulk dye based inks (but only when pigmented inks won't do) while
> for a better solution.

So you're using the Generations dye inkset for photos on glossy? Are the
results as good as the OEMs? I'll be profiling with MatchLock soon I


Frank Wiewandt

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