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Re: Hassleblad XPAN/Scanning Panoramics

At 11:06 PM 2/22/00 -0500, Tony Karp wrote:

>> I had the same thought (question?)  Does anyone
>> know if any of the common 35mm film scanners
>> can be make to scan a 65mm long image from a
>> strip of 35mm film?  I'm pretty sure neither of mine
>> will.  (I suppose you could scan the pieces and
>> stitch them together in Photoshop for printing, but
>> that would sort of negate the convenience of making
>> panoramic images with the camera.
>You might be able to do this with the HP Photosmart scanner and
>Vuescan software. The Photosmart moves the film rather than the
>optics. And it has higher resolution than flatbeds.

Hey Tony, how ya been?

Actually, I think a lot of 35 mm film scanners 
move the film rather than the optics... 

The critical matter is, how is the CCD array
aligned with respect to the film?

On the Polaroid SprintScan Plus, it's aligned
with the long axis of a 35 mm frame, so there's
no way this sort of mechanism could be adapted
to panoramic formats.

If the CCD array were aligned with (parallel to) 
the short axis of the 35 mm frame, it could be made 
to work.

rafe b.

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