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RE: Hassleblad XPAN camera and related scanning question

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|To me, about the only thing going for XPAN is that
|it uses 35 mm film, which will make it easier to
|get the film itself processed.  Of course, what
|happens after that (prints? slides?) is anybody's guess.

Noblex, Widelux and Horizon all make 35mm panoramic (swing lens) cameras.
You can shoot any old film, but you have to request uncut.<g> I just cut em
into strips of three and put them into negative pages. Color negs get
contact sheets. I've been messing with scanning the 1"x2.25" negatives in
the Sprintscan in two portions, then stitching together. At 2700ppi, it's
the only way to get really big resolution.

I have BW Infrared loaded right now. I had to dissect one of the Horizon's
filters to make a red one.

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