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Scanner Choices

Joe & Janet DesGeorges

I struggled with scanner choices for several weeks. Read every review I
could find. I was originally going to purchase an Epson 1200U Photo to scan
my 4x5 negs. I applied some logic and decided that a $300 scanner was not
going to mach a $1300 scanner in quality. I have since heard this confirmed.
I could not decide between the 1600 and the Linotype Saphir Ultra 2. I read
some disheartening information on the 1600 (which I cannot find now) but
decided that the extra dmax would be worth buying the saphir. The real
disappointment is that I could not find anyone that stocked them. Everyone
was on back order. Knowing that the saphir is a UMAX Porwerlook in
Heidleberg chlothing I purchased a Powerlook from Buy.com for $1053
including shipping.

The powerlook fullfilled all my expectations. It is sharp, easy to use and
produces fabulous scans. Better than the Pro PhotoCD scans I have been
paying for.

I also use EZcolor  and have never before made a good profile. Even with
version 1.5. But when I made a new profile using the Powerlook I was very
surprised to find that It was near perfect. I don't want to argue about what
constitutes perfect, just let it go that the EZcolor profiles are now quite
usable. The scanner made all the difference.

I purchased ColorBlind Matchbook over the weekend and if anyone is
interested I will post results concerning how it stacks up against EZcolor
 I know that most people would say there is no comarison). I have already
found Matchbook to be less than user freindly with problems like it not
finding the colorimiter and less than obvious choices in the menus. The most
disappointing thing is that the editing tools only wok on a Mac. That bit of
information is somehow overlooked in their sales literature.


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