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Re: 1600 scanner

In a message dated 2/22/00 12:53:34 AM, tboley@emeraldnet.net writes:

>Alright Jerry, there is not enough detail in the scan from 120 film to
>print a good 16x20 3000 print, careful sharpening done or not. The scan
>looks slightly out of focus, despite the high PPI. Sometimes the image
>comes into Photoshop with an amazingly erroneous crop, and it never
>comes in cropped exactly as done in the scanner interface. Tonally it
>comes in with little relation to the preview, despite there being a
>control to insure it does.

Sounds like you really need to send this unit back... and get SilverFast to 
use with it...
but I guess you went on to conclude that yourself.

C. David Tobie
Design Cooperative
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