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Re: 1600 scanner

In a message dated 02/21/2000 9:53:34 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
tboley@emeraldnet.net writes:
Tyler wrote >
<< Alright Jerry, there is not enough detail in the scan from 120 film to
 print a good 16x20 3000 print, careful sharpening done or not. >>

Something going on here I don't get. Last summer I saw an exhibit of 20x24in 
Iris prints, the originals were pentax 6x7 negs(hand held) many of them. The 
subjects were Memories of Italy so they were European flavored cityscapes and 
Roman ruins. I spoke with the Photographer And she had done the scans herself 
with a Minolta Dimage Multi scanner which tops out at 1128 for 120 film. 
These prints were sharp and detailed, the Iris helped but I gotta believe the 
scans were great. 
So maybe our 1200dpi and 1600dpi flatbeds are not the same animal as a 
dedicated film scanner. I know my 1200dpi Powerlook III is a little short for 
16x20 prints.
Hoping for good news on the 1600
Steve M.
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