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Re: 1600 scanner

Alright Jerry, there is not enough detail in the scan from 120 film to
print a good 16x20 3000 print, careful sharpening done or not. The scan
looks slightly out of focus, despite the high PPI. Sometimes the image
comes into Photoshop with an amazingly erroneous crop, and it never
comes in cropped exactly as done in the scanner interface. Tonally it
comes in with little relation to the preview, despite there being a
control to insure it does. The tonal adjustment sliders bear no
numerical relation to numerical adjustments we are currently used to,
there is no densitometer, and so of course it's trial and error how your
adjustments will come up in Photoshop. I wasn't going to worry about the
interface because I'm waiting for Silverfast, but this seems pretty
buggy. Also, I think my scanner may be defective, too many problems, so
it's going back.
Other than that it's great, really great.
Except for how useful they are to get to a good print, I don't think
scanner reviews are on topic here.
> Well, its been a few days now. Has ANYONE actually scanned any 120 size film with
> their new epson 1600 scanner? How is it?
> Jerry.  Mine has shipped. Will be here thursday for sure, possibly wednesday.
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