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Re: UV sprays? Laminating?

Marie T. <MPennay@prodigy.net> writes on 19 February 2000 at 05:44:47 -0600
 > The discussion on how the 1200 OEM ink is going to fade
 > gives me a vision of the pictures I've printed just fading
 > into nothingless after a short period of time.
 > Would laminating slow down or prevent fading? What about a
 > UV spray - would that be the way to go in conjunction with
 > OEM ink? There has been a little referring here to UV
 > sprays, but guess I missed any original thread on it that
 > would tell me what is available and where to get it. 

Considerable personal experience, as reported on this list, shows that
some coatings will considerably extend the life of the Epson OEM
materials.  "Informal tests" (carefully conducted, but not under
completely controlled humidity and light levels) by people on this
list support this pretty clearly.  (No doubt the exact product
matters; people who've had experience and/or conducted tests can no
doubt tell you what they used).  The results, as I remember them,
suggest that you can get lives into at least small numbers of years
this way.

Coatings are much more controversial for prints intended for
"infinite" lifetimes (or prints intended to be "archival").  (Nobody,
of course, expects an actual infinite lifetime, but that's what we
*want*).  Some people argue that if it extends the life of materials
over the short run, it should over the long run too.  Others argue
that stuff in coatings could damage otherwise archival materials in
the long run, and that this would not show up in the short-term tests
conducted by people on the list.  Wilhelm has also published some
(inconveniently unspecific) things generally condemning coatings for
long-term preservation of prints.

I'm definitely in the camp of people skeptical about use of coatings
for long-term preservation, as many people want for art prints for

(Apologies to my worthy adversaries if any of you think I've mangled
your position on this.)
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