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Re: B&W accuracy on the 1200

At 10:27 AM 2/18/2000 -0600, Jerry Olson wrote:
>I've tried this, but I always get a crossover. The highlights go cyan, and the
>shadows go red. Are yours neutral?
>"Gary L. Hunt" wrote:
>> I realize this isn't quite what you mean, but you can add magenta
>> to a B&W image if you convert it to RGB......

Not unless I tweak the shadow color balance slightly
before printing.  (Actually more like "after printing the
first time".)  The shift varies with how dry the print is (and
paper type, of course.)  I wind up either doing each
one individually, or living with it.  I can't say that I have
ever succeeded in eliminating it with Photo Paper, but
I can get pretty close with the Heavyweight Matte paper.
Also I'm printing on an EX, which is presumably somewhat
different than the 1200 that this thread started with.  I only
chimed in to point out that making final color adjustments
for B&W prints is easier with "black & white" RGB files than 
with grayscale ones, as long as you don't care that they 
are 3 times as large.

Gary Hunt <glh@srv.net>

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