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Coating Patents (was: Wilhelm Benevolent Society!?)

The granting of a patent does not mean that any claims made by the
patent have been certified to be true by any governmental body. There
are many patents that claim to enlarge certain parts of male or female
anatomy - the granting of these patents does not mean that they are
either safe or effective. Just because a hypothetical patent claims that
a coating protects prints, doesn't make so.

-- Ben Haskell


"Richard N. Moyer" wrote:
> 6. Technical Basis For Coatings: From a purely theoretical basis,
> there is good reason to believe coatings will not significantly
> enhance fade resistance. Light is the culprit, it penetrates any
> transparent coating, and destroys the underlying color imaging
> molecules. And gases in the atmosphere will penetrate any polymeric
> coating (acrylics, varnishes, lacquers, etc.) - no exceptions - and
> add to deterioration. Should there be a particular coating/paper
> combination that is THE exception to these facts of physics, the
> whole industry awaits such a marvelous find. And, I might add, that
> if such a combination exists and behaves in such a "unique" and
> otherwise novel (unexpected) fashion, it would/should be IMMEDIATELY
> patented, since to the inventor/discoverer it would be worth 100s of
> millions of dollars in royalties and/or sales. Such would be the
> uniqueness of such a coating - - having been elusive to all
> formulators to date. This find will have out done (preempt) the 3Ms,
> the DuPonts, etc. of the world. Is Crowley that person, with that
> patented coating? Don't think so.

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