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Re: Sell your 1200 and buy a 760!

Are 'consumenten gids' the consumers or the guides? If the
guides, I don't think they're ignorant. It's just that they
have limited resources (as do we all); so they try to cover
the greatest number of products that will affect the
greatest number of people. When you get right down to it,
those of us who know a lot about some equipment can probably
take care of ourselves.


Ernst Dinkla wrote:
> In <URL:news:lokaal.epson> on Thu 17 Feb, Pam Niedermayer wrote:
> > Consumer Reports writes for a lowest common denominator
> > consumer. Mind you, they're really good; and if I'm looking
> > for house paint, where I'm a lowest common denominator, I
> > pay attention. However, when it comes to computers, cameras,
> > stereo equipment, musical instruments, I ignore them wholeheartedly.
> There must be some logic in it as our 'Consumenten Gids' shows the same
> lack of knowledge on the issues you describe.
> Ernst
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