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Re: Matchlock vs. EZColor profiles

In a message dated 2/16/00 6:00:03 PM, madler@vssad.hlo.dec.com writes:

>Has anyone compared the color accuracy of EZColor 1.5 and Matchlock? 

Yes, and the boring delta-e values from both are quite good, with the edge 
actually going to MatchLock in some areas. The more important visual results 
are better on some difficult images with MatchLock, as well the teh shadows 
being more open.

>I've been impressed with EZColor, except for the fact that I can't get
>it to generate a good black.  Is Matchlock really as accurate as EZColor
>with the addition of better shadows?

That might be a fair description, depending on the scanner, workflow, and 
paper/ink combo.
>Also, what do others think of Horse's unique claim that profiles must be
>tailored to the RGB working space instead of tied to Lab color?  

Thats how it *is* tied to LAB color, is through the RGB>LAB tables for the 

>never heard anyone else in the industry say anything of the sort.  In my
>limited experience I have not had trouble using different RGB color
>spaces targeting the same printer profile.

Nor have I, and printing the same image from the RGB space a Matchloack 
profile was made in, and from others, gives similar results, if the process 
is properly done.

C. David Tobie
Design Cooperative
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