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Selling Prints for Profit

John McCann's question peaked my interest. If you missed it:

Is anyone using the 3000 to make "photos" or commercial artwork ?

As we plan our upcoming digital photography show, I've had conversations
with several manufacturers in the market and have been interested in the

-- Does it seem that there is a strong need for a professional photo
printer--i.e. one that performs better but is more targeted to the
photography application than the 3000/5000 which were originally introduced
with pre-press in mind?

-- Do you feel the current resolution from the Epson heads is good enough to
sell as photographic quality?

-- If you do feel there is a need for a new printer, would it be worth
$1500-$2000 to your business?

-- Would you feel the need to buy a RIP to further improve color
accuracy/workflow, etc. on your photo printer?

Sorry to be so inquisitive, I know we're all busy. But as we look at the
prospects for our digital photography show, we believe strongly that much of
the growth will come from printing photographs with inkjet. But it almost
seems that the technology needs some tweaking for high-end photo
applications. I like to carry these messages back to manufacturers when I
get the opportunity.

Inkjet suppliers/manufacturers, of course, seem to feel that the technology
is there right now (i.e. buy now). I thought I would see what you folks

Jay Schneider
Digital Photo 2000
Phone: 414-785-4524
Fax: 414-785-4526

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