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Re: what dpi for printing?

Where I found an advantage to the higher res original files is when I am
upsizing. If I am printing an 11x17 at 200 dpi the image is fine. If I
upsize to a 30 x40 or larger I normally like to start with a 300 dpi or
higher res. scan. This way I can still print at 175 or 200 and not choke
the printer and loose too much detail.
Jim Davis

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> On my Photo 700, I'm hard pressed to see any real
> difference in output print quality between 250 dpi
> images (old film scanner) and 350 dpi (new film
> scanner.)  Even with a loupe, the differences are
> very subtle.
> That's not to say that higher-res files are useless.
> One major advantage of a higher-res file is that you
> can apply greater amounts of unsharp masking without
> incurring the usual artifacts (halos, etc.)
> rafe b.
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