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Re: Sell your 1200 and buy a 760!

At 08:55 PM 2/16/00 -0600, you wrote:

>Consumer Reports writes for a lowest common denominator
>consumer. Mind you, they're really good; and if I'm looking
>for house paint, where I'm a lowest common denominator, I
>pay attention. However, when it comes to computers, cameras,
>stereo equipment, musical instruments, I ignore them wholeheartedly.
>Reminds me of National Geographic, great pictures; but if
>you know anything at all about an article's topic, you know
>more than they're going to tell you.

I agree with the bulk of this.  For better or
for worse, CR is going to be the least biased
of any similar publication.  The "problem" is that
that we here on the Epson list have somewhat unusual
criteria for evaluating our printers.

Your "typical" consumer is probably more concerned
with speed, quiet operation, ink consumption, business 
graphics, performance on cheap paper, etc.

As to stereo gear, though, I remember the days
(25 years ago) when CR was right-on about a 
number of items, and properly identified some
classics... like the AR turntable.

rafe b.

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