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Re:Chris Harms clogged Epson 3000

Chris here is the information you are looking for... I hope this works.. let 
me know

    Have a colorful day

    Mile High Engineering Supply, your inkjet specialists

> There have been a few folks asking about how to get out of clog town
> this is one of my better postings?  Hey a lot of you  guys have told me
> so much off list!
>                    Print this out it is good stuff to keep!!
> The problems with keeping these printers with sponge cartridges going
> are:
>  1- How to tell what the heck is the Nozzle test really showing you
>   2- How to tell the difference between a air pocket and a true clog
> You see if you get a lot of random skips when doing a nozzle test you
> more that likely do not have a true clog you really have a few air
> bubbles in the printheads. Just doing clean cycle after clean cycle is
> not the best way to purge out the bubbles. you are far better off just
> printing random test and a few pages of color blocks.
> Also if you still get radnom skips then it is time to reseat the
> cartridge all you do is lift the blue cartridge locks and push then
> down. This will burp out those air pockets that have been known to lock
> up a printhead..
> In the worst case you can remove the cartridge and knock it on the table
> top yes ink will spill out but this is what you want to see...ink
> spilling out of those feed holes. Now once you do this the ink counter
> or ink low lights will not work so you have to keep a close eye on the
> printer when you see the ink stop flowing stop the printer!!! These
> printheads do like to be run dry!!
> Now if you always have the same nozzle that skips then you may have a
> real clog. The Windex trick really does blow out just about the worst
> clogs. And Windex is cheap and it will not hurt you or your printer.
>                                 Warning   Warning   Warning
> But please be careful as I have posted before do not contact those
> cleaning pads they are spring mounted and they can be knocked out of
> position very easy! Once you have knocked them out of position it is
> time to send in your printer to Epson!
>                                Warning   Warning   Warning
> Just drop about 5 to 6 drops of Windex on the pads and make sure you
> turn off the printer this forces the pads up to the printheads abd the
> Windex will do it's thing very quickly! About 1 hour works most of the
> time overnight on the clogs from hell.
> *****************         A little more Windex
> detail********************
> After all this you can try my trick of carefully dripping only 5 or so
> drops of Windex ( from a new bottle) on the cleaning pads.
> The cleaning pads are those foam pads located under the printheads when
> they are in the parked position (power off)
> The pads are colored with guess what ....the ink you are using!!! The
> are about 3/4
> x 1 inch and they are under the carriage or printheads when they are
> parked!
> You can also drop windex on the ink inlets in the carriage. You must
> remove the cartridges to see the spikes try the pad trick first.
> ***********  Try this only after you tried the pads trick 2 times
> ************
> You can drop Windex directly on the spikes in the bottom of the
> carriage. These will be seen when you take out the cartridge.
>                   Here is what you do:
>  Step 1- Make sure that you turn off the printer before you drip on the
> spikes!
>  Step 2-do not drop more than 7 drops from a clean eye dropper!
>  Step3-Wait at least 10 minutes and drop 5 more drops on the spike,
>   You  also should put 2 drops on the other "good ink feed spikes" to
> prevent them from drying out ..(it happened to me)
> After this install the cartidge making sure that when you install the
> cartridge the ink out light goes out!
> You may have to run up to 2 to 4 clean cycles this is normal in your
> situation
> Just make sure that you do not exit the clean menu that is just keep
> cleaning and print check.
> You must stay in the utility menu for the printer to use increased
> pressure each time you repeat a clean cycle without exiting the menu the
> printer will use increased pressure.
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