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HP law suits

Actually Jim.. HP won several law suits, but I think the one Jerry was 
speaking of was against Colossal, the manufacturer of the bulk ink system for 
the HP 650 and 750.  They put him out of business, even though he won the law 
suit.  When you only have 1 product and it get tied up in court, you can't 
hold out long.
Lasermaster/Colorspan law suit against Sentinel is another LONG story..

I think the only company that had any luck with law suits was ColorSpan
against Sentinal Imaging. I think that was one of two egos fighting each
other and the bigger one won.

As for HP I think they found that there was no way they could keep other
kinds of inks out of their printers. Word has it that they have done a
joint deal with Lysonic since a lot of people were filling their wide
format carts with the Lysonic ink products.

I am not familiar with the HP/Nu-Kote lawsuit. That may be another one
that was won by by HP.

Jim Davis
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