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Re: Color shifting on b&w photos on the 3000

Jerry. Regarding color shifting/ Your new print does not match the older 
print from a couple months ago even with the same inks,paper and driver 
settings right? 
Well, a couple of us noticed the same thing with MIS quadtone Inks last 
summer. We thought is was the paper or the ink. Now I'm thinking that a fresh 
print goes through some seasoning or reacting to the paper and after a few 
weeks changes to its permanent hue. I myself saw a shift in as little as ten 
days that I now really wouldn't say is fading or lack of archivalness just a 
I would bet that is what is happening with your prints, and since they are 
black and white images you can see the shift easier.
It will be interesting to see if your new prints eventually settle down and 
match the older ones. Let me know if this is the case, a couple weeks in open 
air should do it. Generations and MIS are both pigmented inks so this could 
be interesting if I'am right.
Steve M.
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