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Matchlock vs. EZColor profiles

> Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 16:10:50 -0500
> From: "Michael C. Adler" <madler@vssad.hlo.dec.com>
> Subject: Matchlock vs. EZColor profiles
> The majority of the praise I recall seeing for Matchlock is for its
> ability to get a good black and shadow detail.  What about color
> accuracy in general?  It seems surprising to me that Matchlock would get
> an accurate notion without a calibrated scanner.  I can imagine
> heuristics in which it knows the approximate colors of typical CMYK, but
> its hard to imagine getting better results than from a spectrophotometer
> or at least a calibrated scanner.
> Has anyone compared the color accuracy of EZColor 1.5 and Matchlock? 
> I've been impressed with EZColor, except for the fact that I can't get
> it to generate a good black.  Is Matchlock really as accurate as EZColor
> with the addition of better shadows?
> Also, what do others think of Horse's unique claim that profiles must be
> tailored to the RGB working space instead of tied to Lab color?  I've
> never heard anyone else in the industry say anything of the sort.  In my
> limited experience I have not had trouble using different RGB color
> spaces targeting the same printer profile.

In a word, YES. MatchLock is clearly superior in shadow detail, and
rendering very clean crisp colors. I'm getting excellent prints on the first
try with Matchlock. But when it comes to blacks, make sure you have the
black level set correctly in the first place, or you will have poor results
from both progams (this is easy to miss, so check you d-max numbers).

The second thing that Makes MatchLock really shine is the work flow.
MatchLock creates a  colorsync compatible profile. Just go under colorsync
and select the desired profile. No Profile to Profile hassles.

John Nollendorfs
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