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Spool Disk Conflict?

<x-flowed>While printing a moderately sized tiff (35MB) from PS 5.5 to an Epson 
3000 using Epson's Stylus (not StylusRIP) driver, I was interrupted 
by a simple "Disk Error" message. I had just printed some smaller 
images which probably didn't push Photoshop into Scratch Disk Mode, 
so on a hunch, I checked to see what I had chosen for the spool space 
for the Epson. Sure enough, the primary scratch disk for Photoshop 
was the same as the spool disk for Epson. I changed them and was able 
to procede.

I've printed larger images with Epson StylusRIP without this problem.

Has anyone else encountered conflicts with scratch/spool disk 
assignments printing from Photoshop using Epson Stylus software?

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