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Re: Cone Profile for the 1200

> Just curious if any other 1200 users have experienced what I have with the
> free Cone profile for Epson Photo Quality Glossy Paper.
> I find that the profile produces prints that are very red and have just
> confirmed my seat-of-the-pants visual impression from color images by
> printing a perfectly neutral black and white RGB image (in PS the numbers
> show neutral gray across the entire tone range) using first the ICM and
> glossy paper setting in the Espon driver (PS space set to my working space,
> Bruce RGB) which produced a perfectly neutral print on Epson glossy and
> then, the Cone profile for the same paper (using the Cone recommended
> settings for use of his profiles) and got a print with a pronounced red
> cast. Of course, for both images, I used the color, not the black ink only,
> setting in the Epson driver.
> Hard to complain about a free profile, but ... . Anyone else experience
> this? Any insight?
> Cathy Brown

Cathy, that profile is not for Epson Photo paper (printing the right glossy
paper with it?)

You need to specify the profile in Space, set the Advanced settings to Back
Lit Film (DO NOT USE GLOSSY SETTING), no color adjustment, 1440, super,

And try ColorMatchRGB as your RGB setup as Bruce RGB is too large a color
space for you to print.

We have got a ton of people who have downloaded the same profile and report
really good results.  Let me know if you have improvement after using the
profile correctly.

 RGB grayscale printing on a 6 color printer is a bit tricky - we do
generate grayscale profiles especially for that purpose. Your profile
however is for color printing.


Jon Cone


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