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FW: Fotonics for the Epson 1200

I thought some folks might be interested in this recent e-mail query to
Lyson US and their response. Of course, fotonic ink becomes a less
interesting proposition with the 1270 in the offing ... .


-----Original Message-----
From: lysonusa [mailto:lysonusa@email.msn.com]
Sent: Monday, February 14, 2000 12:55 PM
To: catbrown@prodigy.net
Subject: Re: Fotonics for the Epson 1200

Dear Madam,

We do apologize for the continued delay.  We expect to have them in stock in
Chicago within the next 2 weeks.

Again our apologises.  If there is anything additional you need please give
us a call.

Best regards,
Lyson Inc Sales.
-----Original Message-----
From: Cathy Brown <catbrown@prodigy.net>
To: Lysonusa@msn.com <Lysonusa@msn.com>
Date: Friday, February 11, 2000 3:07 PM
Subject: Fotonics for the Epson 1200

>I have been waiting quite a while for Fotonics to become available for the
>Epson 1200 printer. Can you give me an estimate of when they will be
>Cathy Brown

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