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Re: 3000 clog and Tomcat - isopropanol

rafeb wrote:
> Ah, yes... Steve C's "Ultimate Head Cleaning
> Procedure."  You're taking it way, way back
> now, Ben.  No injection there, though.  That
> procedure (!!!! NOT RECOMMENDED !!!!) involves
> removing the printhead entirely and letting it
> soak overnight in alcohol.  Then kiss your
> printhead good bye.

OK, I know which one you are talking about now.
I think that...
...has a link or article on that.

has a tips page where they refer to the injection method as an
"ultimate..." procedure.

Either "ultimate" procedure is dangerous in my mind.

If any other readers are interested in either of these two procedures as
last resorts, they may work if you allow the print head to dry; the
drying time is unknown and may take hours, overnight, days, or weeks. A
wet print head can short out electronics.

-- Ben Haskell

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