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Re: Cone Profile for the 1200

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From: Cathy Brown <catbrown@prodigy.net>
Subject: Cone Profile for the 1200

> Just curious if any other 1200 users have experienced what I have with the
> free Cone profile for Epson Photo Quality Glossy Paper.
> I find that the profile produces prints that are very red and have just
> confirmed my seat-of-the-pants visual impression from color images by

> Cathy Brown


Did you get an instruction file with the profile??  Sounds like you might be
setting up differently.

Go to the Cone site and, if I remember correctly, the instructions can be
downloaded separately.  If you can't find them, holler and I'll e-mail them to
you.  Also, see Ian Lyon's site for his article(s) on using profiles.  Worth a

I use Adobe98 for a color space, and 2.2 gamma, while these were done in
Colormatch at 1.8.  If I remember correctly, I had to transform them to get them
right (PtoP).  I could be wrong here...I have tested so many things recently
that it is all beginning to blur.  Old brains don't keep stuff separated like
"once upon a time".  8(

bob snow

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