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Re: cable problem?

Thanks for your comments. You're right - adding parallel
ports would be the answer, and I did have one put in my
other computer. There's a sign in my kitchen that reads: "of
all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most." That's

At the time I had that port put in, it was $35 for the port
and something for the labor. I think it was an IEEE,
whatever that means. The shop was doing something else at
the time on my computer and I just added that in for the ZIP
drive. The early ZIP drive was a pain until it had its own
par. port.

The old Epson Stylus II seems to work well no matter where
it's plugged in - in the port, or in the swtich. I couldn't
see any difference in speed or quality.  


Robert Snow wrote:
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Marie T. <MPennay@prodigy.net>
> > I'd be interested to know how anyone could avoid using a
> > switchbox when there's only one parallel port on the
> > machine.
> >
> > Marie
> >
> Marie:
> Additional Parallel port boards are inexpensive and you can use up to 4 parallel
> ports on a PC, if I remember correctly.  I have had up to 3 ports on past
> machines, and use 2 on my current machine.  They can be purchased for ISA slots
> or PCI slots and some are plug-n-play and some use connectors, or blocks, on the
> board to set them the way you want.
> One thing I have come across that bears attention:  if you are using a port for
> Epson printers, you need to be able to set a DMA channel.  Many of the
> plug-n-play that I have checked out do not have this as an option.  This
> basically limits you to an ISA type board (for Epsons), the best of which I have
> found to be the Lava Enhanced IEEE 1284 Parallel Port.  The non-DMA boards cause
> printing to an Epson to be SLOW.
> bob snow
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