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Re: 1200 "Not enough memory..."

From: Gary Robertshaw <groberts@fix.net>

> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Marie T. <MPennay@prodigy.net>
> > Ha! I wondered about more memory. Someone, who should know,
> > said that above 128 it seemed to start slowing the PC down.
> Marie,
> Don't believe a word of it.  That story came from the P233 and under era,
> where most chipsets wouldn't allow L2 caching of memory over 64 MB, which
> supposedly would actually slow things down.  In reality, even that was not
> true, as I did actual tests using all sorts of applications.  More memory
> improves overall performance, period.
> Unfortunately, this 'performance hit' story was given widespread
> distribution by some very knowledgeable people who just never actually
> tested it.
> Gary

I had a P100 upgraded over 64mb, & there was a definite slowdown in some
applications - Mainly those that didn't use large amounts of memory, but
used it intensively.
Programs like photoshop did not slow, because before this they were swapping
to disk, & even with the 30% performance hit of un-cached RAM, it was still
many times faster than accessing the hard drive.
The problem never affected PII or PIII chips though.

Matthew Taylor

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