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Re: Severe ink pooling on canvas (ANYONE??)

At 12:59 PM 2/14/2000 +0000, Tim Catlin wrote:
>Seriously though, with the remote chance that SOMEONE is interested in 
>helping out, I'm posting Bulldong's response to my canvas issue.  I know 
>Bulldong has a poor reputation on this site, but it's too late to do 
>anything about the purchase other than to take my business elsewhere.  
>I'm amazed that they offer no suggestions or work arounds, just: "you're 
>SOL pal."  
>I'm curious if anyone has an opinion on their shelf life claim.  It seems 
>that if it is an "archival" product, why should it matter when I print on 
>Here's the Bulldong reply:
>>The life of  bulldog 21 media you mentioned has a shelf life of 1 year when
>>not printed on, which explains the aligator look you found after your
>>testing..thank you for your interest in Bulldong Products
>Any enlightenment is appreciated.

I've never used canvas, so this is purely speculation--if I understood
your earlier posting correctly, you hadn't actually used this stuff when you
first bought it?  It seems at least possible that their "reply" has nothing to
do with your problem--maybe the stuff would have behaved the same
when it was new, and they're simply talking through their collective hat.
Otherwise their apparently nonsensical reply would seem to mean that
the canvas may last forever (:>) but the image won't.  There are a lot of
materials being marketed as "archival" on the basis of being acid-free or
some other criterion that has little to do with how an actual inkjet
image will last on them.

Or maybe the surface undergoes some physical change (hardens?) after 
a period of exposure to air so that it can't absorb the ink?  Whatever the 
reasoning, I think I'll stay as far away from this stuff as possible (not that 
this is any help to you.)

Gary Hunt <glh@srv.net>

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