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Is there something wrong with my 750?

I just got it, and otherwise love it, but it seems to do gloppy-pixelation
in the brown/tan spectrum.

For instance, if I print [1] the side of the maroon expresso machine has
terrible gloppy-pixelation, as if it can't distinshush between shades of
gray. I know this isn't the best photo (color) but this happens in other
photos as well, for instance, the whole lower half of [2].

[1] http://goatee.net/public/images/1999/1115/15-1369-david-a-color.JPG
[2] http://goatee.net/public/images/1999/1219/porter-david-hand.jpg
Regards,          http://goatee.net/~reagle
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