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Re: Roll Paper ie.med.format

Laurie Solomon wrote:

> Without getting into another fight with you Rafe, there has been a recent
> resurgence in medium
> <Snip>.
> A film format "just a bit larger than 35 mm" would be
> nice, I admit.  There was (is?) such a thing about 30
> years ago.


    That little bit larger format is very much alive and is 6x4.5 cm. or 645,
15 exposures on 120 film or 30 on 220. I use my Fuji 645 rangefinder all the
time, and Pentax, Mamiya, and Contax have SLR cameras in this size. One problem
here is that scans (or scanners) are considerably more expensive for anything
over 35mm. I have been getting my 35mm scanned to PhotoCD. I recently picked up
a refurbed EX, (good price, Zones.com) and tried to print an 11x14 from the 18
mb. file with poor results. I know I can get Pro CD scans with six resolutions.
Has anyone been able to print 11x14 from the 18 mb file of the photo CD or is
this asking too much? Regards

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