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Re: The 1270-Bad news

Well, I think we should wait until we actually see the beast before we
start trembling. -

The patent that has been referred to (#5,975,688) is just a design
patent for a pair of internally connected electrodes on the cartridge
body that press against a corresponding pair on the printer when the
cartridge is properly installed. They do no more than turn on a light
bulb. This is according to the patent. The purpose of this patent is to
prevent a cartridge that is not meant for the printer from being
inserted. I suspect that this patent has not even been been implemented.
This is nothing new. HP received a patent for a similar idea in 1995

It appears that the patent that we should take an interest in is
#6,019,450. In this patent, Epson makes claims relating to a method of
determining the ink level through the measurement of electrical
resistance between electrodes within the cartridge and a comparison of
that to a resistance table stored on a chip. There is nothing in this
patent about storing the resistance actually measured.  One can remove
and then replace the cartridge without such memory, since the resistance
is measured repeatedly by the printer.

The chip may therefor be only a place for storing the lookup table and
some program code to make use of the data and refilling the cartridge
will automatically restore it's functionality. The only thing refillers
would then need to be concerned with relative to this function is the
electrical resistance of their ink as compared to the original epson

The patent also makes claims for the closeable ports and a few other
items that will make our lives better, or at least less messy.

I should note that I have not read all the patents received by Epson so
there may be still another one that does describe a method of preventing
refills. There are two such patents assigned to a German company that
involve the automatic physical destruction of the cartridge. Also,
Brother has a patent that uses methods similar to the Epson patent to
detect ink levels and it does record to a chip. Finally, for now, I
found it interesting that there are a number of patents related to
refilling cartridges that are assigned to HP.


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