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Re: 3000 clog and Tomcat - isopropanol

At 11:55 AM 2/13/00 -0800, Ben Haskell wrote:
>rafeb wrote:
>> No, that's not quite how it went, Ben.  The
>> exact sequence of events was more like:
>> 1.  Prepared a set of carts filled with
>> pure, undiluted Archiva ink....
>I thought that you zapped a print head about a year or so ago, long
>before you built up your courage to try refilling once again, more recently.

Ah, yes... Steve C's "Ultimate Head Cleaning
Procedure."  You're taking it way, way back
now, Ben.  No injection there, though.  That
procedure (!!!! NOT RECOMMENDED !!!!) involves
removing the printhead entirely and letting it
soak overnight in alcohol.  Then kiss your
printhead good bye.

rafe b.

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