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Re: The 1270-Bad news / QA-engineering/responsibility to employees

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<DIV>&nbsp;&nbsp; I will quit buying new printers every year or two and keep 
refilling the ones I have.&nbsp; They will certainly last for quite a few years, 
if necessary.&nbsp; Thing is, the one beautiful thing about free enterprise is 
that there is ALWAYS someone around the corner willing to take just a little bit 
less to get your business.&nbsp; When Epson loses enough business, they will 
either change or sell out, or lose it.&nbsp; Do you really think that ALL 
printer manufacturers will do that?&nbsp; Get real.&nbsp;&nbsp; Canon has 
already made individual color carts and a cartridge that looks easy enough to 
refill.&nbsp; If nothing else, a new upstart will take the business.&nbsp; Basic 
free enterprise 101.</DIV>
<DIV>&nbsp; **&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <BR>&nbsp;&nbsp; C</DIV>
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  <DIV><BR></DIV><TT>And what will you do when the other brands decide to follow 
  Epson's lead and build chips into their cartridges also?</TT> 
  <P><TT>Charlie wrote:</TT> 
  <BLOCKQUOTE TYPE="CITE"><TT>&nbsp;&nbsp; &lt;big snip&gt; The chip design 
    may help</TT> <BR><TT>Epson retain quality (&amp; less warranty work) and 
    OEM cart sales, but I may</TT> <BR><TT>need to go to another brand so as to 
    keep my consumable costs down.</TT></BLOCKQUOTE><TT>--</TT> <BR><TT>Visit my 
  Web site at&nbsp;</TT> <TT><A 
  <BR>&nbsp; </BLOCKQUOTE></BODY></HTML>


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