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RE: The 1270-Bad news / QA-engineering/responsibility to employees

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<DIV><FONT color=#0000ff face=Arial size=2><SPAN 
<DIV><FONT color=#0000ff face=Arial size=2><SPAN class=420554519-13022000>What 
do you plan to do with your color laser?&nbsp; If you wish to print anything 
like a photo that you want to have a continuous tone appearance, the color laser 
( at least those that are on he market now for home/office use) will not 
do.&nbsp; Color lasers, in short, (a) do not have the dot resolution that 
inkjets do; (b) do not tend to&nbsp;produce prints that have the snap that 
inkjets are capable of producing&nbsp; ( for reasons see below), (c) and may not 
provide the sorts of half toning required to produce a high quality printed 
color image without a highly skilled and knowledgeable operator who can adjust 
the halftone pattern to fit the image and paper.</SPAN></FONT></DIV>
<DIV><FONT color=#0000ff face=Arial size=2><SPAN 
<DIV><FONT color=#0000ff face=Arial size=2><SPAN class=420554519-13022000>The 
reason prints from color lasers may not have the snap is that they typically use 
toner not ink; the toner does not have either the color gamut of inkjet inks or 
the sharpness and glossiness - it produces a rather flat image sort of like one 
gets from a color copy machine that is more appropriate to presentational 
graphics than to photographs or fine art or graphic arts.&nbsp; The variety of 
papers that can be used and will accept the toner is limited with most being of 
the plain paper variety in contrast to the glossy or coated stock variety. which 
results in a dull flat appearance. appearance.&nbsp;  </SPAN></FONT></DIV>
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<DIV><FONT face=Tahoma><FONT size=2><SPAN 
<DIV><FONT face=Tahoma><FONT size=2><SPAN 
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Of </B>Marie T.<BR><B>Sent:</B> Sunday, February 13, 2000 10:33 AM<BR><B>To:</B> 
epson-inkjet@leben.com<BR><B>Subject:</B> Re: The 1270-Bad news / 
QA-engineering/responsibility to employees<BR><BR></DIV></FONT>
<BLOCKQUOTE></FONT>This is going to be a question from a real novice, so 
  please bear with me and don't consider me stupid, or something. After all this 
  hassle with inkjet printers and the expense of ink, wouldn't it be better in 
  the long run to just go with a colored laser? 
  <P>Bernard Epstein wrote: 
  <BLOCKQUOTE TYPE="CITE">&nbsp;<TT>And what will you do when the other brands 
    decide to follow Epson's lead and build chips into their cartridges 
    <P><TT>Charlie wrote:</TT> 
    <BLOCKQUOTE TYPE="CITE"><TT>&nbsp;&nbsp; &lt;big snip&gt; The chip design 
      may help</TT> <BR><TT>Epson retain quality (&amp; less warranty work) and 
      OEM cart sales, but I may</TT> <BR><TT>need to go to another brand so as 
      to keep my consumable costs down.</TT></BLOCKQUOTE><TT>--</TT> <BR><TT>Visit 
    my Web site at&nbsp;</TT> <TT><A 
    <BR>&nbsp;</BLOCKQUOTE>&nbsp; </BLOCKQUOTE></BODY></HTML>


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