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Re: The 1270-Bad news / QA-engineering/responsibility to employees

At 10:32 AM 2/13/00 -0600, Marie T. wrote:

> This is going to be a question from a real novice, so please bear with me
>and don't consider me stupid, or something. After all this hassle with
>inkjet printers and the expense of ink, wouldn't it be better in the long
>run to just go with a colored laser?

Not such a stupid question.  There are a number
of answers...

First, color laser printers are much more expensive,
in general, than inkjet printers.  They're also 
physically larger, heavier, etc.

Second, IMHO -- the ones I've seen can't match the
output quality of an Epson printer, in good repair,
using quality inks and paper.  For "business graphics,"
maybe.  For photos, not even close.

I wouldn't be surprised if things change over the
next couple of years.  It's only been a few short
years since BW laser printers were affordable for
personal use.

Long term, though, color printing will always be
more expensive and more complicated than BW 
printing -- except for the case of BW printing 
via multitones.

rafe b.

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