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Re: The 1270-Bad news

At 11:04 PM 2/12/00 -0500, Don Feinberg wrote:

> I want my systems to behave,
>in the customer's hands, as I intended, or I **will know** why they don't.

Yes, but what if the **customer** wants it to perform differently?  Wants
functionality which you have failed to build into it because the majority of
your customers haven't said anything about it?  What if that added
functionality corrects a design shortcoming that the majority isn't aware
of in
your product, and which is intimately tied to one of the primary uses for your
product (e.g., longevity for family photos, in the case of the epsons)?  

>Pretty old fashioned and
>decrepit, huh?   Just plain greedy and selfish, what?

I don't recall anyone portraying Epson with the vitriol you suggest.  I think
the point is more that some of us feel that if Epson is attempting to make
refilling impossible but hasn't offered a product which does all that
makes possible, that their sense of their self interest may have significantly
departed from our self interest.  One of the significant selling points of the
Epsons to many who are on this list IS the refillability.  There are printer
brands we could be choosing which are in the same ballpark of print quality,
better in fact than the 3000, but which offer limited refillability due to
print heads being built-in to the cartridge (limiting the life span of the
and thus of the cartridge, and limiting the ability of 3rd-party vendors to
legally manufacture replacement cartridges).

If a 3rd-party mini-industry has built up around refilling, you can bet it's
because Epson hasn't adequately filled some customer's needs.  As a
customer, I
it's not my job to give Epson's corporate responsibilities and success
over my needs in using their product.  If you're expecting your customers
to do
this, then you may not be looking after their needs as closely as you think
perhaps the difference in product and industry make your analogy tenuous).  As
you imply, ignoring the needs of your customers can be bad business.  As
numerous others have written, if Epson successfully eliminates refilling for
their printers and doesn't offer fully equivalent functionality (read inks
will do what I want and last at least 50 years, and which are compatible with
beautiful art-papers) at a price I'm willing to pay, I'll buy another brand. 
That's not bashing Epson, it's simply the way the market works.  

Mitch V.

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