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Re: matchlock vs Wizi

This technology is in it's infancy, and many of us here are essentially
"early users". That is no excuse for products not living up to their
hype, on the other hand it makes us who are desperately looking for
improvements easy targets in a clearly emerging market that many seem to
be eager to exploit. We've seen rather extraordinary claims for
products, 75 years for Luminos Preservation series inks and papers for
one, the claim you mention for another. I sincerely hope the "any old
scanner" comment wasn't made here on the list. I trust the list feedback
far more than manufacturers claims at this point and have painfully
learned to wait a bit before spending on new products that will save my
life. On the other hand, the profiles I made with this little piece of
junk were usable despite problems, and better than no profile at all for
non Epson inks and papers. I guess that's about what I paid for, since a
custom profile would have cost about the same as this reusable
hard/software. Also, one of my better profiles is a hacked WiziWIG
profile made with this scanner. But I'm not taking it any farther
without a better scanner. I also have to say I'm sold on the work flow,
which you know by now.
Tyler (easy target) Boley

> >Rafe, mine is the cheaper X6, purchased specifically because of small
> >footprint and for quick and cheap scans of polaroids to send to art
> >directors. I'm afraid it's really pretty bad....
> Well, it certainly wasn't the very cheapest
> scanner I could have bought.  And it seems to
> work very nicely, otherwise.
> I was assured before I bought the thing that
> "just about any old scanner" would do the trick.
> I invested about $200 between the scanner and
> Wiziwyg, and so far, no cigar.
> rafe b.
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