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Re: Regarding the new Heavyweight Matte

<<Royce Bair <royce@tssphoto.com>:  I haven't tested this new paper yet with the
Photo EX.  It was designed to work best with the new Photo 870 and Photo 1270
inksets, so that could be the problem.

Royce...I've been using the Heavyweight Matte paper since Oct/Nov with my 700
and gotten excellent results printing from Photoshop5.5 (characterized monitor
using adobe gamma, bruce rgb, using standard epson 700 profile, printer
management UNchecked, selecting photoquality inkjet paper and icm)...color is
bang on match screen to print...

Needless to say, I have no idea about longevity using this paper and the 700
inks...but it's nice paper...I'd love it to be a bit heavier...

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