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Re: Regarding the new Heavyweight Matte

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From: Sergei <sergios@altfactor.gr>
Subject: Regarding the new Heavyweight Matte

> I'm having great problems with the new Heavyweight matte on Photo EX. Skin
> tones are posterized and dark, blues are pathetic. Same photos print fine
> on photo paper. I used photo quality inkjet paper setting as Epson recommends.
> I'd appreciate any suggestion.
> Sergios.

Hmmmm...I have had no problems with this paper, either on the 1160 or 1200.  I
did make profiles to print from, but I had printed using Epson settings when I
got the 1160 with sample pack with good results.  Even used it from a different
computer to make a couple of greeting cards which came out fine.

I only relay this info to let you know that excellent prints are possible.  Wish
I could tell you why yours aren't as good as the Photo paper.  Is it possible
that you are using ICM differently...that is, are your settings in both the
Epson and Adobe dialog exactly the same except for the paper setting?

bob snow

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