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METRIC Generation(s ink tests)

The fact that the USA is holding out
> > on world standardisation is just typical of US
> > arrogance toward any concept that didn't originate in
> > the USA.

>The points about supporting existing long-life infrastructure (a whole
>country built with walls using studs on 16 inch centers and 4x8 sheets
>of sheathing material) identify real, and huge, economic costs to
>switching over.

	Somehow, we "switched to metric" in the UK without the place
falling apart (that happened BEFORE we went metric . . . . .)



ps. Well, you're all ignoring subject headers and "list mom" warnings, so
what the hell, I give in. Maybe a bit of chaos is good on this list
afterall, as all this linear stuff is very, um, linear . . .

	Let's discuss something really off-topic.

	I know, how about Epson printers?

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