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Re: Cone profile: Blues turning to purple: MatchLock perspective


Thank you for your illuminating post.

A question regarding MatchLock...I know it comes in a variety of "packages" ...what is required to build to a decent profile AND is a flatbed scanner required (I use a film scanner)?

I am interested in maybe trying this program out since I have heard positive remarks about it.

Shimon Mor
Geoduck Graphics

> Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2000 10:56:37 -0500
> From: horses <support@horsesLLC.com>
> Subject: Re: Cone profile: Blues turning to purple: MatchLock perspective
> If you're building a MatchLock profile, you at least have the ability to
> CHOOSE the working space that the profile will be designed for. If you like
> ColorMatch, then leave Photoshop's RGB Setup this way; build your profiles;
> and you can be confident that your blues will REALLY be blue when you print
> through it. If you like BruceRGB, or Adobe RGB, or (even) sRGB, the same holds
> true; set Photoshop's RGB Setup that way, MatchLock will use this working
> space, and you will KNOW, for certain, that your colors will be dead-on when
> you subsequently print through that working space and that profile.
> Regards,
> David Miller
> Horses
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