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Inkjetmall Epson Profiles

I've been using a profile from Inkjetmall (Jon Cone) for the my Epson
1200 for OEM inks and Photo Paper.  It has given me the ability to
produce much better results than any of the standard Epson profiles.
However, I do notice a strong magenta cast in areas of blue.  Especially
in the sky.  I've had some blues turn into purples.  I can remove this
cast through color balance, but would rather find the cause of the
problem.  Has anyone else seen this or is this a problem with my color
workflow?  I am assuming it is coming from my monitor calibration (see
my other post).  Would monitor calibration have that much affect on
color balance (as opposed to brightness)?  Would one of those monitor
puck calibrators be a big help?
Am using Mac G3 with 17" Studio Display.

Shimon Mor
Geoduck Graphics
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