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Re: New A3 Epson Photo 1270

Well, most of my world is binary or hexadecimal anyhow.
However, it is strange getting into 4X5 photography, a
little awkward shifting from metric when talking about lens
length, film sizes, etc. At least our money is decimal.


Tony Barnett wrote:
> Pam Niedermayer wrote:
> >I don't really care one way or the other. Might be a nice
> >bow to the world to adopt the majority methodology.
> You never know, it might even prove to be better ;-)
> I grew up with imperial but now use metric (Australia changed many years
> ago), and I understand the reluctance of some to change, but as someone
> who has used both - trust me, once you use the S.I. system, you'll wonder
> why you ever bothered with imperial.

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