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Ink compatibility

Given my promising progress on the quadtone front, and the observation that
my 740 is making death-rattles (well, death-squeaks anyway) on each page
(not to mention my carts are running low), I began wondering whether anyone
has been so adventurous as to try the quadtone inks in anything other than
an Epson?

My 'workflow' (if you can call it that) should be printer-neutral, and hence
in theory should be useable on another printer.  Given that I know diddly
about ink, though, I have no idea whether the quad inks might have problems
with something like an HP or Canon head (both use heat in the process, which
Epson does not, if I read things correctly), or whether the ink densities
these printers lay down is even close to the Epsons.  My main motivation is
the apparent difficulty with refilling the Epson cartridges, but flexibility
enters in as well.  The Canons for example appear to be brain-dead easy to
refill, and the Canon 5100 at least has easily swappable cartridges, so you
can pop the quads out and stuff in color or black for text, or else get
adventurous and mix in some archival color to play with the color balance in
different sets......

 I might still just spring for an 1160, but exploring options seems prudent,
even if they have low probablity of success.

Doug Kelly

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