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Admin: Quoting

I thought the thread "Excessive quoting" was so obviously off topic that
it would die quickly. To prevent a continuation of this topic, I'd like to
put an official stop to it now:

Please DO NOT continue the thread "Excessive quoting" on the epson-inkjet
mailing list. Do not respond to this message on the list. Do not start
additional threads on quoting practices. 

To clear the air on proper posting, here is what I ask. Delete everything
but the bare essentials to remind the reader what you are responding to.
Usually a sentence or two is all that is needed to maintain continuity
from message to message. We do not need to see their entire post, because
we *already* received it. If you cannot remember the details of the
earlier post, go back and read it in your own collection of mail. Keep a
few days backlog of email in your epson-inkjet mail folder for reference,
or empty the trash every few days to you can grep (search) the trash.

To those who think "What's the harm in keeping a dozen or so extra lines?"

Let's say those extra lines increase your message size by 1K (a
conservative number). Multiply that by the ~4000 subscribers on this list.
1K x 4000 = 4000K = 4 megabytes. Now your extra text put an additional 4
megabyte load on the mail server, which slows delivery to everyone and
chews up disk space at an accelerated pace.

Now let's say that 10 people think like you do. Now we have 10 x 4MB = 40
megabytes per day of excess material. That is 280 megabytes a week or 1.1
gigabytes a month. Stop and think about it, do the math. The bottom line
is that excess quoted text slows delivery to you and costs more money for
your host. All of your actions on the list are multipled by several

A little efficiency goes a long way.


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